Hermina Athens at Now Fashion Agency & Showroom

About Hermina Athens

We believe in one’s uniqueness and in celebrating imperfections. Hermina is a selection of small
treasures with roots in our human history and cultures. We create today the heritage of tomorrow to be
passed from mothers to daughters, from elders to youngers.
Inspired from antiquity we work with experienced silversmiths and artisans in Athens to construct all
silver elements of the jewelry and adorn them with hand-made tassels and pom poms to give them an
ethnic twist.

Translator in main profession for the last 15 years, constant life challenger and mother
of two, after giving birth to her daughter Hermina, head designer Konstantina Pantelous decides to express the creativity of her nature in new disruptive ways. This is when another labor takes place and Hermina
wristwear comes to life in 2011 to reveal a different point of view in the world of jewelry.
Hermina is for Kontantina a precious small treasure, literally and symbolically, continuously growing to
confirm that all dreams are doomed to become reality.

Photography RIA MORT